KPM Oil and Gas work on a range of projects, from provision of Pipelines, Gas compressor, EPCI, O&M and Investment

No. Project Client Year
1. Provision of Structural Steel Supply for Kepodang Gas Development Project PC Muriah Ltd. 2012
2. Provision of Various Pipe for Peciko 7C Project PT TOTAL E&P INDONESIE 2012
3. Supply of Coated Line Pipe 12" Complete with Accessories for GG Development Project Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJ 2012
4. Various Pipe Structural PT TOTAL E&P INDONESIE 2012
5. Wellhead Gas Compressor for Struktur Gebang PT. Pertamina EP Sumatera 2012
6. PLTG Senipah 2 x 40MW IPP Pipeline, Fuel Gas System and Gas Booster Compressor Packages PT. Kartanegara Energi Perkasa 2011
7. Provision of Booster Compressor Rental & Services 2011 Salamander (North Sumatera) Ltd 2011
8. Provision of Primary Steel Premier Oil Natuna Sea BV 2011
9. Provision of Various Pipes for Peciko 7B PT TOTAL E&P INDONESIE 2011
10. Provision of Various Structural Material PT TOTAL E&P INDONESIE 2011
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