• PT. Bakti Bintang Andalan

    PT. Bakti Bintang Andalan is a privately owned by PT. KPM Oil & Gas which was established in October 2008. Supplying various types of steels and modular equipment’s to the energy related industries.
    Through years of exposure and development, we have positioned our self in serving oil and gas, petrochemical, power plant, telecommunication and heavy steel fabrication industries. To date our capabilities cover a wide range and we had the proven experience to execute the following work scopes:

    1. Integrated supply and services of steel solutions
    2. Integrated supply and services from design till commissioning start up of gas processing  modular packages
    3. Integrated supply and service of trailer lowbuoy, crane, crane truck, forklift,etc
  • PT. Siwics Metakompresi Pratama

    The Company focus is to meet needs of the Customer. Providing services to Customers from project preparation up to operation. The Strategic Business Units to a specific field of activity, such as:

    1. Oil and Gas
    2. Chemical and Petrochemical
    3. Power Plant

    Packages EPC encompass

    • Consultancy
    • Project Management
    • Basic and Detail Engineering
    • Procurement
    • Construction/Erection
    • Startup and Commissioning
    • Maintenance